About Us

We are a company who specializes in health and wellness. We at NaturalX have drawn inspiration by Dr. Sebi's teaching and wanted to take it to the next level!  We want to help empower individuals to improve their health with high quality sea moss.  We take pride in being 100% natural and organic.  We believe everybody will need a little assistance in improving overall health and we would love to be here for you!

Our Organic Sea Moss is wildcrafted off of the St. Lucia coast. St. Lucia is a gorgeous Caribbean island where Sea Moss is grown naturally.  Small-scale aquaculture farmers harvest our sea moss in protected waters off the coast.  The neighboring volcanic lands provide nutrients to these streams.  

NaturalX Collections

Welcome to our exclusive product list! Enjoy all our different variations of holistic health products ranging from Sea Moss Capsules, Personal Care Products, Raw Sea Moss, Herbs, Bitters, Gels, Soaps, and much more! One stop shop for healing, and affordable quality products.