Collection: Sea Moss Raw

Bright and full of Life! Our St. Lucian 100% WildCrafted & Authentic Sea Moss comes in 3 beautiful variations. Sea Moss is known to help regulating metabolism and digestion. Also great in increasing energy supply to your body.  According to the Food and Drug administration, sea moss is a superfood low in calories and high in minerals our bodies need to thrive!

Our wildcrafted Sea Moss comes in 3 different variations.  Our Golden Sea Moss  "Sunshine" is a beautiful and light pigment.  Our WildCrafted & Authentic Purple Sea Moss "Purple Rain" is a beautiful and radiant purple pigment. Purple is known to help thyroid and heart health due to its phytonutrients and anthocyanin properties. Looking for a touch of color with your Sea Moss? Our St. Lucian 100% WildCrafted & Authentic Multi-Colored Sea Moss  "Cotton Candy" is a beautiful variation of different hues of Gold, Purple, Yellow and green. Multi Sea Moss, also known as Full Spectrum, contains several pigments to have different phytochemical properties infused with vitamins and nutrients the human body needs to thrive.

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